Accomplish your goals with intention

Often people view business success by having more of something, forgetting to ask the fundamental question of ‘why’ you want more in the first place. When you identify your goals and use them to create a vision, you’ll go through a process that forces you to take a strategic look at the future.

There are three elements that will help you create a vision for your business. First, you must have a desire to do something. Do I really want this goal to happen? Or is it more that someone told me it should happen. Second, you must believe that your goal is attainable. Do I really believe I can accomplish this goal? And third, you must be willing to accept the results of the goal. Sometime people pursue goals without actually wanting to attain them. Are you more comfortable with the process of attaining a goal than actually making it happen?

When you put these three elements together, you now have intention. If you have a strong intention to do something, the chances are you will actually do it. The clearer and stronger your intention, the easier the goal will be to accomplish. If your intention is weak or uncertain, that may be an indication that the goal is not quite right or appropriate.

–Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest

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