Attributes of a Great Salesperson

salesperson imageMost people can learn the skills necessary to become a great salesperson. The main ones that come to mind are product and customer knowledge, building a complete sales toolkit, and having a network of contacts. But not everyone has the attributes to be truly successful.

If you made a list of all the attributes of a great salesperson, you would probably be describing a perfect human being, someone you have never met. But I believe there are four attributes that are necessary to become a great salesperson.

First is integrity. You have a personal code of ethics that inspires trust and confidence.

Second is empathy. You are able to walk in your customer’s shoes. This includes the ability to ask good questions, listen to the answers, show you care, and have patience.

Third is drive. Here is a paradox. You need patience coupled with a sense of urgency. You also have to be motivated, egocentric, confident, and have high energy.

Fourth is perception. You are able to identify the decision maker and understand the decision process. You have to identify critical issues that stand between you and the sale.

Some people can have all these attributes and still won’t be great salespeople. In addition to these attributes, you must enjoy the process of selling. Because you’ll need to do it all day long, week in and week out if you want to be successful.

–Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest

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