Advisory Boards

Many business owners need ongoing support. An Advisory Board is a great way to gather a group of trusted business and industry colleagues who can act as a sounding board and provide feedback and guidance. Advisory Boards typically meet monthly for four hours, but they can be structured to meet your particular needs. We develop agendas and other relevant materials for the meetings and act not only as a facilitator but also contribute as business experts.

Offers support and guidance from your peers

The Advisory Boards that we help develop and participate in function like a board of directors in a public company but with no legal or decision-making authority. Advisory Board members serve at the pleasure of the business owner. Typically, the meetings include company updates, specific business issues, and future opportunities. Advisory Boards help a business owner with the basics of running a business such as vision and goals, planning and implementation.

Choosing the right members for your Advisory Board

We help you through the process of choosing the right members for your Advisory Board. We recommend four to five people, a group which is small enough to work together effectively, but large enough to get varying viewpoints. Once the Advisory Board gets going, we meet with you monthly to develop the agenda, coordinate the meetings with members, participate in the meetings, and provide relevant materials. Our goal is to make sure you get maximum value from each meeting. We highly recommend that meetings are held off-site and we can arrange for a meeting space.

Working ON your business instead of IN your business

The ultimate purpose of the Advisory Board is that every month you are working ON your business instead of IN your business. As a business owner, it’s sometimes hard not only to find the time to talk about important issues, but also to find the right people to talk to. An Advisory Board allows you to get away from the office and engage in meaningful conversation and receive valuable input from your peers. It provides structure and ensures that you are focused on the most important things in your business. It helps you with brainstorming ideas and planning for the future.

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