Business Support Group

Our Business Support Group consist of business owners and corporate managers from diverse industries who get together on a regular basis to solve problems, share ideas and offer each other support.

Our group meets monthly for four hours and covers all aspects of running your business. We adhere to the principles taught in The Business Tune-Up which include an annual maintenance cycle for your business. We work from a structured agenda and each month we focus on a topic like planning or marketing. We use that topic as a guideline to discuss issues and solve problems that members of the group are facing.

The group has a limited number of participants so everyone has an opportunity to talk about his or her business and get advice and recommendations from other members in the group. In addition to the meetings, we meet with you one-on-one as needed to further assist you with your business.

Participants receive information and ideas they can apply immediately in their businesses. Our goal is to encourage you to work ON your business as well as working IN your business. You’ll have a chance to brainstorm, get new ideas, and have other business people to call when you need help.

Please contact us to see if our Business Support Group is right for you. The cost is $400 per month.

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