Retreats help businesses get focused on “big picture” issues

For those owners or managers who want to focus on the challenges and opportunities of their particular company, department or organization, we offer retreats that focus on specific business topics. We take an interactive approach in working with you and provide valuable information and materials that are relevant to what you are trying to accomplish.

Most of the retreats we offer are one-day, but we can also develop multi-day retreats based on your company’s needs. We typically concentrate on ‘big picture’ issues, such as helping you align your vision, goals and strategies, understanding your marketplace, and having a planning model that will prepare you for the future. A retreat offers you the opportunity to work ON your business instead of IN your business. It’s a chance for you and your employees to get focused on the top priorities facing your business.

We meet with you prior to the retreat to discuss objectives, participants, agenda, roles, and supporting materials. We will provide you with a summary report that has a clear statement about your next steps. We offer retreats for business owners and their employees, management teams, and nonprofit boards.

If you would like to explore the idea of having a retreat, please contact us.

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