Consistency critical for all businesses

In business, the word “consistent” separates a person who does something over and over again from someone who does it once or twice. If you have a garage sale at your house in the spring you have an event. If you hold a garage sale every weekend, you have a business.

Businesses sell things over and over again. And usually when you do something consistently, you get good at it. So when a business hangs out a shingle proclaiming far and wide that it has something to sell, a customer buys because they believe the business can deliver on the product or service.

For me consistency also implies improvement. Every time you deliver a product or service to a customer you have the opportunity to learn what worked well and what didn’t. Good companies that care about their products and customers, take the time to find ways to continually improve. If you follow this path, ultimately, your product will become as good at it can get. That is a goal all businesses should strive for since that’s the expectation you can expect from your customers.

President, Business 360 Northwest

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