Do you have more good habits than bad?

habits imageWe all have habits and once established – good or bad – it can be challenging to change them. Typically, we do today what we did yesterday. A good habit would be to market your business every day. A bad habit would be only marketing when you need more sales. Good habits support the processes of your business and when done over and over again, produce good results. Your goal is to fill up your business with as many good habits as possible. Everything you do in your company should be done with intention. So get off auto pilot and do things on purpose.

Early in my career I developed the ‘good’ habit of tracking my inventory. I set up systems and processes that guaranteed that I always knew not only what inventory I had on hand but what I needed in the future. I got the reputation for always having inventory in stock, and that was a huge advantage over many of my competitors.

Many ‘bad’ habits that business people face come from either not knowing how to do something or not liking to do it. I’m a big believer in finding those things in your business that you love doing and you’re good at and delegating the things you don’t like or are not good at to someone else.

Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest

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