Getting more sales from existing customers

customer imageEvery day I work with people who want to grow their businesses. Many think that to grow a business they have to find new customers. And that is certainly part of the equation. But before they spend time and resources getting new customers, I steer them towards looking for more orders from their current customers. I believe that is the easiest and least costly way to increase sales.

There are many good reasons to look to your current customers for more business. First, it’s good customer service. Asking your customers on a regular basis about what else they might need from you is a wonderful way to stay in touch and show you care. Second, your customers will tell you about any issues or concerns they have if you maintain a steady and open dialog with them. And third, your customers are more likely to tell you about new products or services that would be meaningful for them if you talk on a regular basis.

I recently worked with a client who wanted to increase his company’s sales by 20 percent. However, they did not have any program for reaching out to their current customer base. So I encouraged them to send out a monthly newsletter to all their current customers. They contacted every person who opened the newsletter and started a conversation. After only three months they realized enough orders from their current customers to increase their sales by the target amount.

–Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest


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