Hiring mistakes to avoid

hiring imageHiring the right employee is one of the most important parts of running a successful business. It’s also one of the most problematic areas for small businesses. My advice is always to write the job description before you look for the person to fill the job. You need to know exactly what you want an employee to do before you start the process.

However, a common practice many business do when looking for a new hire is to ask their friends and colleagues if they know someone that might be right for the job. Just because a person has lots of experience, or is well-known in his/her field, doesn’t mean that they are a good fit  for the job you need done.

Hiring someone who was recommended to you has several major drawbacks. First you don’t get to interview a wide range of candidates and pick the best person for the job. Second, you have the baggage of the relationship with the person who recommended your new hire. And third – the biggest problem of all – you hire the person without a clear understanding of what the job actually entails. That leads to bad communication and uncertainty about what is supposed to happen.

You may end up hiring the recommended person, but if you have a job description, look at multiple resumes, and weed out other candidates through thoughtful interviews, you’ll have a greater confidence that you’ve hired the right person.

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–Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest

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