Hiring new employees

hiring imageHiring a person for an entry level job can be either your worst nightmare or a pleasant surprise. The outcome is really up to you. It will depend on how seriously you take the hiring process. My number one requirement for getting the most from an entry level employee is to write a complete and concise job description so the potential employee knows exactly what you expect him/her to do. Without a job description it’s almost impossible to find a good match.

Bad hires cost real money. If you hire someone who doesn’t work out you’ve invested time and money in interviewing, hiring, and training. But you lose it all if they quit or you have to fire them.

Once the new hire is on board, how do you interact with that person? First, spend time with them, particularly in the beginning. A new job can be overwhelming and your presence will help calm them down and provide support. Make sure they understand you’re available to help them. Second, assign them a mentor/buddy who is knowledgeable about their job/work and can support and mentor as needed when you can’t be there.

My next blog will talk about investing in new employees.


President, Business 360 Northwest

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