How to manage your work processes

Having enough time in your day, week or year to proactively move your business forward is a key element for success. It’s important to develop boundaries for what you can accomplish in a single day. If you take on too much, everything you do will suffer.

Developing processes will help you move the work forward. By organizing and describing your processes you can determine if the work is being done correctly and timely. If you understand how something should run, you’ll know much quicker when it’s not working.

Manage your work by clearly stating ‘what’ the work is and ‘when’ it needs to be completed. The ‘what’ is whatever you actually want to achieve, and the ‘when’ is the longest time needed to accomplish it.

Think of your work as a series of tasks. Tasks are part of a process that produces a desired end result, usually referred to as a goal. What makes the tasks easy or hard is not the goal itself, but the pathway to that goal. At each step you’ll need to overcome obstacles using your best judgment to deal with the variables that come up.

–Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest

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