Investing in new employees

training imageWhen you hire an employee, be sure to have an orientation plan in place that includes things the employee needs to know about the workplace and their job responsibilities. Present this information at a measured pace over a longer time frame. The new hire will appreciate the attention and both you and the employee will feel like you are moving forward together. A structured orientation plan also gives you an opportunity to interact with the employee at specific intervals.

When I run across employers who don’t invest in training new employees, I always ask them to think of training as an opportunity to get a better return on investment. New employees usually come with an open mind and are typically pretty enthusiastic. Training pays two dividends.  First, you get the chance to teach the job exactly the way you want the employee to perform it. Second, the feedback from the training is positive reinforcement for the employee that helps them stay engaged.

–Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest

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