Is social media the best way to market?

Most businesses want a social media presence. But before you jump into the world of social media, make sure you are pursuing the right platforms. Does having a Facebook page for your business make sense for the products and/or services you offer? It’s relatively quick and easy to open a Facebook account, but think about what content you are going to post. Anyone who has spent any time on social media knows it can become a tremendous time suck. One effective way to use Facebook for your business is to promote your newsletter and blog.

Although LinkedIn is not specifically designed for businesses, it’s a good tool to get your messages out there. Just don’t overwhelm your connections with too much information. It’s a good vehicle to ask people for help, or to get constructive feedback. There are also many ‘special interest’ groups that you can join. But again, make sure that the effort you expend equals the value you receive.

Depending on your type of business, Yelp can be a useful social media tool. Many people rely on Yelp to guide them to products and services. But remember you have no control over what people post. So you have to deal with both the positive and negative.

Just because you can use social media for marketing, doesn’t mean you should. Social media is a great way to leverage your other marketing activities but you may not be able to replace them with social media platforms alone. Always ask yourself, “Is this marketing vehicle right for my business.”


President, Business 360 Northwest

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