Location is important when marketing

locationI often get asked how businesses can use data to improve their marketing decisions. For most small to medium-sized businesses that rely on individual customers, I think the most important piece of data an owner should focus on when it comes to making marketing decisions is location.

So much of our buying is based on convenience, and that means how much time it takes to get from where I am to where the store or service is located. For example, if a dentist focuses his marketing efforts within three miles of his location, he has a much better chance of getting new customers than marketing to people who live 20 miles away.

Location also is a factor for those businesses who sell over the internet as well. The myth is that online, the entire world is a potential customer, at least for businesses that sell products. But it’s not feasible to market to the entire world, so focusing your marketing efforts locally and regionally may prove more effective. Your location will influence both shipping costs and delivery times.

Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest


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