Making effective sales presentations

sales presentation imageThere are countless books and opinions on the ‘best practices’ for making an effective sales presentation. Once you have qualified the lead and contacted the customer, the presentation is the next step. A good sales presentation has three component parts – a description of the product or service, an explanation of the benefits to the customer and the price.

Each presentation will take a different form depending on the setting, how familiar the person is with you and your product, and who made the initial contact. You need to make sure the customer is with you every step of the way. A sales presentation is not a one-way conversation; it’s a dialog between you and the customer. Don’t rush through it. You’ll have more success when the customer understands each point you are making.

Sales is a game of making matches. You want to find those customers who want your products. Don’t make the mistake of trying to convince people to buy products they don’t want. The customer will make a judgement on whether to buy from you based on your product, the benefit to them, and the price.

The bottom line is that if you want more sales, make more sales presentations. Great salespeople learn to be patient and go through these steps in order.

–Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest

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