Managing your company’s ‘growing pains’

growing pains image

No matter how well you manage the growth in your business, at some point you will hit a wall. At this point, the harder you work, the worse things get. Every time you do something well, two (or more) important tasks crop up. Your task list at the end of the day is longer than when you began.

Most entrepreneurs operate from instinct and keep their list of important tasks in their head. When you hit this wall, you have reached the end of your ability to manage the business as a solo entrepreneur. I think of this stage as “growing pains” and compare it to being an adolescent. Every successful growing business hits this point and must make a transition to a professional style of management if it hopes to continue its success.

This is a difficult moment for most entrepreneurs because they have to both change their management style and have employees manage many of the tasks and processes that only they have taken care of up to this point. However, it you want your business to succeed, you must make this transition. No successful business of any size has avoided this evolution.

Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest

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