The challenges of running a small business

Many business owners, both small and large, share some of the same problems when running and growing a business. The main difference is that in a small business, most of what needs to be accomplished falls on a few people and sometimes only one person. So it’s really critical to leave enough time every day for all the important things that need to be completed. Here are a few general rules to follow to overcome the challenges of running a small business:

  • Do some marketing every single day. Because without marketing your business won’t grow.
  • Do the most difficult thing on your daily list first. You’ll find everything else will be easier and go more quickly because you won’t be thinking about it all day.
  • Work from a plan. It is so easy to get lost without something to guide you.
  • Ask for help when you get stuck. The best way to get unstuck is to talk to another business owner.
  • Keep your desk clean and empty out you inbox every day. You’ll be able to start the day with a clean slate which will keep you focused on the most important things to accomplish that day.

Being a small business owner can be very lonely. One of the hardest things they face is not having other small business owners to talk to about business problems. I encourage all small business owners to talk to each other about their problems. Not only will they get a different perspective, but they will form a support network that will be invaluable when facing issues in their business.

–Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest

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