The magic of sales

Business is one of the great passions in my life. From my earliest memories businesses have captivated me. I loved going to the market. I was excited by all the merchandise because I imagined that each item on the shelf had a tale to tell. Because I had an active imagination, I would make up stories about how products were born and how they made their way to the shelf or stall where I crossed their paths. As I grew up, I developed a fascination for markets and merchandising that has stayed with me to this day.

Another of my passions is music. I was surrounded by music at an early age. My father took me to concerts, and like many kids, I learn how to play a musical instrument. First I played the piano and then the oboe in the Kansas City Philharmonic Youth Symphony. My first job during high school was working in a record store. I loved to chat with the customers about their favorite music, and of course, give my opinion about what music was good and why. Because I listened to and played a wide variety of musical styles, customers started asking me to recommend recordings that I liked. It was always a special thrill when someone bought a piece of music because I had suggested it. And it was even nicer when they came back into the store to tell me how much they liked it.

Perhaps I was destined to sell music for a living. We all know there is something magical about music, but I also believe there is something magical about a sale. There is a moment of truth when a customer brings an item to the cash register. I have learned that people rarely part with their money unless they are buying something they need or want. I’ve been fortunate to experience that sensation over and over again.


President, Business 360 Northwest

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