Turning a vision into a goal

goal imageNow that I had the vision for opening a second record store in Davis, California, I had to take that picture and develop some specific things – goals – that I wanted to accomplish. I had to turn that vison into something that was doable. It was now time to outline exactly what I was going to do.

The difference between a vision and a goal is mainly time and size. A vision is a picture of what I would like in the future. A goal is something specific I want to accomplish soon. In thinking about my vision, I asked myself ‘framing’ questions. The answers to these questions helped me come to a decision on how to proceed. The questions I asked were:

  • What part of downtown Davis did I want to be in?
  • How many square feet would the store need?
  • How many employees would I need?
  • How much inventory would I need on hand?
  • How was I going to manage the store?
  • When would the store open?
  • Can I secure enough money to open the store?

I took the generalities of my vision and turn them into particulars. I had to set realistic goals that I could actually accomplish. And I had to have a clear picture in my mind of what the store would look like on Day 1. At this point, I still hadn’t committed any money to the idea, or even made a firm decision to actually do it.

The goal that I settled on was that I needed to purchase $100,000 in inventory; lease a downtown location with at least 2,000 square feet; be open seven days a week; hire six employees and a manager; and open as soon as possible.

My next blog will talk about how I actually made the decision to open the store.

–Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest

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