Turning an idea into a vision

vision imageAs I continued to think about opening a second record store in Davis, California, the more I was convinced it was a very good idea. But to turn that idea into reality, I first needed to develop a vision. For me, a vision is a picture of something you want that is concrete and measurable. So I created a picture of what a new store might look like.

Some of the key questions I asked myself were:

  • Do I want a small or large store?
  • Would a Davis store be too close to Woodland, even though it would be serving a very different audience?
  • Should it be a free standing store or part of someone else’s space?
  • Should it be downtown or in a shopping mall?
  • Could I get reliable employees?
  • What would I actually sell at the new store? Would it replicate my Woodland store or have a different flavor?

As I answered these questions and others, I became more and more excited about the idea. When that happens, you know you’re on to something. The more I thought about it, the more things fell into place. This is the point in the process where an idea either gains or loses momentum. For me, the idea of moving forward with the store was picking up steam and I was able to articulate a vision for what I wanted. My vision was:

  • Free standing, downtown location.
  • Big enough to be noticeable, but a space I could afford.
  • Cater to college students, and the University community.
  • Have a large section of used records.
  • Continue the 100 percent guarantee for used records.
  • Look for ‘hard to find’ new and used music that would appeal to my audience.

Once I had the vision written down, I was ready to develop some goals. My next blog will focus on how I determined those goals for a second store.

–Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest

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